Sunday, September 16, 2012

2012 Cranberry Arts & Music Festival Parade

2012 Cranberry Arts and Music Festival Parade
This year’s parade’s theme is BUY LOCAL or DO YOU KNOW YOUR FARMER?, and the best in parade winner will hopefully work this theme into their FLOAT or TRUCK or FLAT or DECORATION. But if you can’t figure out a way to include this theme into your float – we still REALLY want you to be part of our parade! More than anything, the purpose of the parade is to have fun and show who we are as a town – ESPECIALLY with this year’s local theme! So come on out, polish up your vehicle, or put on your walking shoes and join us in the 2012 Cranberry Arts and Music Festival Parade.
If you are planning on parading, please fill out one of our applications so we know you are coming. Line-up will take place at the Elementary School on South Street and begin at 10:30 on the 16th. The Parade will step off at noon and slowly make its way down Main Street and up Oak Street and ending at Brooks Park

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Labor Day 2012

Labor Day in 2012 is celebrated on Monday, the 3rd of September. In the United States, Labor Day is always celebrated on the first Monday in September. Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers.  It is largely a day of rest for many as it also symbolizes the end of the summer season for many and the last chance to make trips and hold outdoor activities. 

What to do this Labor Day

RELAX & REST......
Other than the above theres always the following:
For students, it is the last chance to organize parties and finish all their school preparations and shopping before school starts again. In some neighborhoods, people organize fireworks displays, barbecues and public arts or sports events. Since the football season starts on or around Labor Day and many teams play their first game of the year during Labor Day weekend. Usually, theme parks and outdoor activities are a big hit and attrack many crowds during the three day last weekend of summer. Locally in Cape Cod many hotels rates are reduced to an "off season" rate, along with restaurant hours changing or closing earlier.

We hope all enjoy their Labor Day, and have truly enjoyed their summer here on Cape Cod!!!